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For the attention of propaganda junkies and reputation/perception management agency (troll farm) employees: Unlike human sheep, we do not like government propaganda. We just do not care. You are kindly requested to leave this site. We have enough trouble as it is with the most incompetent people running the government in almost every country in the world. Go forth from yonder and multiply with yeself.

This site is run by sceptics for like-minded sceptics. We are open to ideas from everywhere but we like to do our own due diligence. We are not human sheep that blindly accept mainstream media (MSM) narratives. Thought criminals? Ha! We like to see how newโ€‘fangled things pan out on their own. We do not rush in. We want the dust to settle down before making our judgement. We like to assess everything on a case-by-case basis, purely on their individual merit. So, to save our time, we do not accept news items about celebrities, sports, entertainment, or social media. They do not need anymore hype. We are also not interested in perennially hyped subjects such as alphabets, AI, blockchain, NFTs, EV vehicles and climate change. We also do not want to know about the latest thing the snowflakes or the wokesters are offended about. These virtue-signalling morons should be denied their opium โ€” our attention. If it is about karma striking them in the rear, maybe but mostly no. People saying something, people getting upset about others saying something, opinions, editorials, op-eds and other worthless hot-air articles are not also accepted. News, not views.

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