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For nearly two decades, the Moral Volcano ▄︻┻┳═一 blog has been notorious for its forthright views, near-accurate predictions (bets, not assertions β€” see disclaimer), sharp political cartoons, funny memes, commentary and fake news.

In 2020, the publisher (known as the Moral Volcano) established himself as a writer-illustrator of satirical books. In the previous years, he had been publishing a series of editorial cartoons under the title Reptilian News Cartoons. After three years of that, Moral Volcano decided to roll them all into a book. The book now has 149 cartoons spread over 434 pages. It is the funniest book ever written.

In 2021, Moral Volcano reacquired this domain to showcase his political cartoons and books, and provide a permanent home for the Moral Volcano ▄︻┻┳═一 blog. More importantly, Moral Volcano transformed the home page into a crowd-sourced non-woke daily-news source called Daily Moral Volcano. It is today the #1 foreign-inspired anti-national and openly traitorous newspaper in the country. The motivation for starting this newspaper was that reading daily news generally leaves you depressed, angry and annoyed, and there has to be a different way to process it. So, just like the Moral Volcano ▄︻┻┳═一 blog, DailyΒ MoralΒ Volcano is presented in a talk-show comedian's monologue style but in a much cleaner format than Drudge Report (the conservative news aggregator that went rogue in 2019).


SJW let's off heat

If you wish to contact Moral Volcano, send an e-mail to Do not spam me, bro/sis ☺ . Do not send him any confidential material. He is a real chicken. Other than writing funny material, he is in no position to help anyone against the globalist kleptopcrats.

Do not waste your time. His email is censored on multiple levels. He gets cat-fishing emails all the time so his mail client is set to download only the subject line. He deletes almost all incoming mail without reading the body.

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Currently, this site does not cost much to run. You can however buy Moral Volcano's books to show your appreciation. When other admins join the site, a donation link will be made available for them.

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